Enjoy Your New Urban Life In The Sims 4 City Living

Reveal the perks of living the urban life. The city life opens new possibilities in front of your Sims character. Start the new page in your life by moving into an apartment in San Myshuno, the big city that never sleeps.

There is a new expansion in town. And it is about city life. While we all are familiar with Sims games, developers offer something cool and different in City Living.

Graphics are vivid and colorful as always. Sims are still talking funny on their Sims language. Music is relaxing and inspiring. It does not bother you while you are playing. Navigation is familiar. Nothing has changed since you played Sims last time. The whole idea is to improve the life of your Sims character as old as Sims world. And yet, there are a lot of new things.

Few words about the city

San Myshuno reminds of the New York City or Shanghai. It has Myshuno Meadows Park right in the center which looks similar to Central Park. And yet, it has very own Sims-like atmosphere. Unlikely it was copied from any particular city. There are lots to discover and see, walking through 5 neighborhoods: Fashion District, Meadows Park, Arts Quarter, Uptown and Spice Market.

Rent an apartment in Spice Market or Arts Quarter, as these two areas are less expensive. Still, they are the most atmospheric. If you are a creative person, you would love the whole bohemian rhythm of life in these quarters. Arts Quarter completely meets its name. There are all kinds of artists and musicians living their lives, entertaining audience on festivals like Hijinks or Humor fest.

Spice Market is a place for everyone. There are Sims from South and Central America, Asia, India. It organizes Spice Festival, which celebrates ethnic diversity of the city. You can go to Flea Market and find a real treasure there.

Fashion District has lots to offer for those who are looking for luxurious and expensive apartments. It also hosts numerous outstanding events like Geek Con and Romance Festival. The food there is either Filipino or American.

The most expensive district is an Uptown. It is the place for the most powerful Sims in the city. There are no food carts, no festivals. Life there is quiet and peaceful.

Apartment question

It sounds weird, but in Sims, even apartments have its bright personalities. Apartments are a big deal in this expansion. They may ease your life in the city or make it more complicated. The cheaper your apartment, the bigger problems you have. You will have to fix pipes, electricity, replace furniture, etc. Neighbors have no trouble to wake you in the middle of the night by listening to music or dancing.

While the city itself is bustling, each of the districts gives you an illusion of completely open world. You may want to check all the possibilities you have in the districts. Start with a small apartment or share it with a roommate. It may turn up to be a really great adventure.

Expensive apartments may come with unexpected features like being close to the Ley Line, so your Sim’ female character may give birth to twins. Professional kitchen in the apartment automatically increases the quality of the food.

Change colors and decorations in your apartment as much as you want. Still, there are no options that allow you to change its shape or expand since you are renting it. So, do your best, save your money and buy a penthouse after all. Beware! There are no basement options for penthouse owners. As for the others, you may even build a pool there.

New careers

Sims 4 City Living gives your character a chance to try something new. Some of the careers, like Politics, Critic and Social Media offer you the chance to work from home. You can finish tasks wherever and whenever you want, just follow the time frame. At first, you will receive easy assignments. And your career will progress quickly. But with every new promotion comes more duties.

Work can push Sim from the comfort zone. Try remote jobs and complete daily tasks at your pace. Don’t worry, each of these jobs offers different ways to play.

There are minor changes in gameplay as well, which you may find interesting. You can raise your singing skills with lots of practice in karaoke or shower. If you hate your neighbors, that’s a great way to make your revenge.

Another addition to the game is the ability to paint murals. Master your painting skills and create some beauty on the streets. Now you can make a political statement with the art and later deface it.

If you are not really in politics, try basketball. It is a nice addition to the sports section of Sims. This is a nice urban way to expand the athletic skills of your Sim. You can meet new friends there as well.

New options like Vegetarian and Unflirty may not be crucial in the game but makes the characters realistic. It feels better to have such options or play for a character that looks like you. New things like different furniture, clothes, hair usually arrive in packs. Still, there is no mirroring of the modern people’s styles.

It looks like Sims 4 is focused on hipsters. So, if you are not one of them, you will have to look hard for a new outfit to express yourself. As for the objects, they are definitely cool and completely creative. Just look at the Japanese futuristic smart toilet.

CAS editions bring more diversity in Sims-style and underline variety of world cultures. There are headscarves that look amazing on characters. New colors came to the wardrobe. Now it looks like you are in the middle of London, Paris or Tokyo. There are lots of clothes inspired by Asian culture. Children in the game still don’t receive as much attention as it could be. Still, there are nice extra clothes for them.


There are numerous festivals you may attend in the city. Each district has its own festival to offer, as you can read it above. It is a very significant addition to the game. Festivals make Sims more interesting.

There is a board outside your flat you may want to check. It has all the information about the upcoming festival you may visit, including location, time and activities you can take part in. You can make a performance there or just go to try new food.

  • Humor & Hijinks. You can earn points on Humor and Hijinks festival by making a stand up performance or be a prankster and gain points for Voodoo Doll prank.

  • Spice Festival invites you to try the best examples of spicy food, from burritos to curry. You can challenge yourself and eat the spiciest bowl of curry. Don’t forget to buy unique souvenirs before you leave. If you are not into spicy food, you may take part in harvesting fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • Geek Con offers multiple entertainments, like Hackathon where you can try your skills as a hacker or game testing. Sims challenges you to pass gaming test and receive scores. If you are more into space, you can build a rocket and explore the Universe. At this festival, your skills are developing faster, as you are surrounded by the greatest minds of your time.

  • Flea Market is obviously about buying or selling unique stuff. You can find some treasures there. To get the best price you’ll have to haggle. If you have too many treasures at your apartment, set up a small shop at the festival and gain the money.

  • Romance. Try delicious Sakura tea, that festival offers, and feel yourself in a romantic mood. In a few seconds, you will want to scatter petals and throw them in the air. Romance festival have a wedding arch, so you can propose to your soul mate and get married immediately.

And you even do not have to worry every minute that you’ll miss the festival. When it is on, you receive extra notification, so you may travel directly to the place. Notification is a lifesaver since you can completely forget about the festival or its location.

Festivals may turn in a routine after 6-7 attendances. Still, you can try each of them. It will take some time until you will be able to attend one festival 6 times.

The benefits you may find in the game

  • City San Myshuno is a brilliant playground and the best idea that game developers could ever come up with

  • Every apartment has its own unique atmosphere, neighbors, perks and problems you will face during the game

  • Sometimes relations between you and neighbors turn into a sitcom inside the game. It can be really hilarious to watch

  • There are new careers in the game and more options to express your individuality there

Problems that may appear

Let’s talk about glitches in the game. Since Sims is a Universe-size game stuffed with thousands and millions of options, it is only natural that there are some gaps. You may find them rather minor. The camera rarely gets crazy. Festivals may get boring with some time, but we still don’t know that.

Sometimes it can be disappointing when your Sim invited out, but the event doesn’t start. Well, it is possible in real life, so why we all are so worried to see it in the game? This extension looks more realistic, so let’s pretend it was made on purpose.

Summing up:

  • The Sims 4 has its minor glitches as well

  • Clothes and hair additions could be way better and more diverse


Sims world is developing and expanding non-stop. It gives gamers more possibilities and attracts a new audience. The Sims 4 City Living introduces us to an extraordinarily interesting city San Myshuno. Now we can discover it step by step.

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