Sims 4 Exclusive Merch

So you’ve created the Sim from scratch and imbued yourself with the warmest and parental feelings to your creation. How is he doing when you are out of the game? Is he feeling fine when you are on vacation or at work, or somewhere else having fun in your real life? 
Take care of your Sim every breath you take, every move you make. Hold your thoughts tight to your creation. Don’t carry your Sim photo in the wallet, carry its image on your clothes or your possessions. 

Now what? Who would call your egoist or irresponsible person when you are carrying your Sim image everywhere you go?
Let’s answer to all your accusers with a huge print on a T-Shirt or a tote bag with an image of your favorite Sim!

Ready for this? Connect us ASAP to discuss all the details. What kind of image do you want to print? What type of surface would you choose? Determine faster and get:

  • T-Shirt;
  • sweatshirt;
  • tote bag;
  • backpack;
  • notebook;
  • pillow;
  • poster;
  • leggings;
  • swimsuit;
  • hat;

or ANY OTHER ITEM where you want to see your Sim printed. 
The price varies from $10 to $60 for the item and depends on the complexity of the work. 
The perfect mix of real life and the game as it is!


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